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Pilgrim - CD

Pilgrim - CD

Item Number: CD00174
ISBN: 9781921198632

Author/Artist: Johnson, Eric & Monique
Publisher/Label: Psalter Music
Release Date: 2010

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Pilgrim - CD
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Pilgrim is the debut album from Eric & Monique. It achieves the rare combination of being contemporary, yet deeply spiritual and reverent. With amazing production quality, it's an album that leads the listener on a contemplative journey of God's power, grace and plan of salvation.

  1. Honour the Lord
  2. Underground Believer
  3. You Alone
  4. Sanctuary
  5. You Are My God
  6. Pilgrim
  7. Ask Seek Knock
  8. He Knows
  9. Just As I Am
  10. It's Time
  11. Laodicea