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Signs To Life - Kendra Haloviak Valentine

Signs To Life - Kendra Haloviak Valentine

Item Number: 1933480
ISBN: 9781921292910

Author/Artist: Valentine, Kendra Haloviak
Publisher/Label: Signs Publishing Company
Release Date: 2013

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Signs To Life - Kendra Haloviak Valentine
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Signs to Life: The Gospel according to John offers a unique way of reading the stories of Jesus. Its seven miracles--called "signs"--give valuable insights into the identity and mission of Jesus, helping John's first readers and contemporary readers to respond more fully to Jesus' invitation to "life abundant."

Signs to Life brings together these life-giving stories of Jesus, with pastoral exposition and vibrant New Testament scholarship, as well as reader responses from Carolyn Rickett, Daniel Reynaud, Jane Fernandez and Nathan Brown.