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Stories From Sunnyside - Marian De Berg

Stories From Sunnyside - Marian De Berg

Item Number: 1959090
ISBN: 9781925044676

Author/Artist: De Berg, Marian
Publisher/Label: Signs Publishing Company
Release Date: 2017

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Stories From Sunnyside - Marian De Berg
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The first Seventh-day Adventist missionaries arrived in Australia in 1885.  Six years later, Ellen White-one of the church's founders-arrived in this distant land.  Then aged 64, she was unsure of this calling and expected to stay no more than two years.  Ellen White's time in Australia and New Zealand grew to nine years and represents her most mature and pioneering work.  Her leadership saw the church grow significantly with new churches planted in many cities and towns, the establishment of what became Avondale College and Sanitarium Health Food Company, and publication of The Desire of Ages.
But these stories-many previously unpublished-also highlight Ellen White's personal ministry close to her adopted home at "Sunnyside", establishing a country home with a large household, supporting new church members and serving people in her local community.
Paperback, 308pages.