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Peters, Cheri
Pacific Press
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Abused and unwanted, Cheri found a life of violence and addiction from which she knew there was no escape - until she was shown the power of God's unconditional love.

"To hear Cheri Peters's story is to be forever changed. To meet Cheri in person is to encounter a flesh-and-blood, bona fide miracle."

Sitting in a posh restaurant with $86,000 and seven pounds of pure cocaine on the table, Cheri knew she had finally risen above her blighted existence. Finally someone loved her. A "shiny man" who could rescue her from the drug houses, old cars, and X-rated dance clubs she had called home for more than a decade. Her new life might be scary, but it was also exciting! A few hours later her new love was holding a gun to her head, promising to kill her if she didn't find his missing money. For the thousandth time she learned that love is just a word men use to get what they want from girls like her. It always demands something in return and lasts only as long as the passion of the moment.

What would it take to rescue an abused, illiterate, unloved barroom dancer from the streets and turn her into a leader who would inspire others to help "throwaway" kids find meaning and purpose in their lives? What Cheri needed was love. Unconditional love. But how could she find it?

Read the incredible story of one woman's encounter with the power of true love, and how that love is changing lives today. It will change your life.

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