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Gates, David
Pacific Press
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“Precious Lord, surely you haven’t brought us this far to let everything fail!”David Gates lay awake at night agonizing about the $1.4 million due in a short time. Had they been wrong to write the check knowing that there was no money yet to cover it? Hadn’t God provided time and time again in establishing their work even though they made no solicitations for funds?His wife, Becky, also wrestled over the huge debt, which was for the purchase of a television network. Then there would be the operating expenses and future satellite costs. And what about the schools in four countries and the medical aviation program in three countries? They all needed funds. “Dear Jesus, please tell us, what shall we do?”Instantly God responded to her plea, giving her the promise in Deuteronomy 33:27,"The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms."This biblical promise was a gentle reminder that they were not denominational employees or self-supporting missionaries. Like the first missionaries, they were God-supported and had to lean on His everlasting arms and be willing to be carried wherever He knew they were needed.Eileen E. Lantry, author of Mission Pilot, chronicles more miracle stories of David and Becky Gates, missionaries to the Amerindians of Guyana and Venezuela. As you see what God has done for the ministry of David and Becky Gates, think again about what God can do through your service to Him. This book will inspire you to trust your life and future to God’s leading.

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